BUMSTORM Single Issues

£3.00 - £4.00

Buy individual issues of this all-ages action comedy comic and follow Guff and Chu Chompington's adventures from the moment they meet or hop in at a point of your choosing!

-BUMSTORM 001 & 002 (Blue) is a 36 page monochrome comic
-BUMSTORM 003 (Green) is a 28 page monochrome comic
-BUMSTORM 004 (Purple) is a 16 page full colour comic
-BUMSTORM 005 (Golden Silver) is a 40 page monochrome comic

Guff is a young lad with his heart set on honing his powerful farts with the goal of competing in the world 'Heavenly Winds From Below' tournament. Chu Chompington is a young lady heading out on the road to the world's Hot Dog Eating tournament. These two would-be champion's fates intertwine as they face off against bizarre yet deadly villains. THE Comic About Farting is right here!

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